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Best Fly Line For Trout

Last Updated: 7/25/20

Are you looking for the best fly line for trout? Before you can settle for that fly line, you look on an online store, ensuring it is the right tool for the job. 

I had a tough time after getting a fly line meant for fishing small trout in moorland and used it in a river. It just can't work.

Thus, consider where you intend to fish and your target species. Fly lines are also categorized in terms of their weight. In this article, we have done the groundwork to provide the best fly lines for you.

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 SpiderWire Stealth Superline
  • 200 yards
  • 20 to 100 lbs
PowerPro Spectra Hi-Vis Yellow Braided Line
  • 500 yards
  • 5 to 200lbs
KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line
  • 327 yards
  • 6 to 150 lbs
Reaction Tackle High Performance Braided Fishing Line
  • 150-1000 yards
  • 10 to 300 lbs
Berkley FireLine Superline Fishing Line
  • 125-1500 yards
  • 30/12 lb
piscifun line
Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line
  • 150-547 yards
  • 10 to 300lbs
Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX Taper Floating Weight Forward Fly Fishing Line
  • WF3F-WF9F
  • 90 Feet

Best Fly Line For Trout Review

Line Length: 200 yards
Test Weight: 20 to 100 lbs

Are you looking for a fly line that would match with the water? The SpiderWire Stealth Superline Braid fishing line comes in a variety of colors, including blue, white, and black. As such, you can choose your favorite color depending on your fishing conditions.

It has a Dyneema PE microfiber construction, which makes it not only smooth but sturdy. As such, it gives you value for your money as it will last for long. The color-lock coating also enhances durability.

It is whisper-quiet, which allows for stealth attacks. If you are looking for a line that will cast farther, SpiderWire is your answer. It also features fluoropolymer treated microfibers that enables it to shoot through guides.


  • Available in various colors, e.g., black, blue, and white
  • It is whisper-quiet while attacking
  • Sturdy construction making it durable
  • Casts farther


  • It is expensive

Line Length: 500 yards Test Weight: 5 to 200 lbs

PowerPro Spectra Hi-Vis might be an excellent choice for you if you are a beginner in trout fishing. With its yellow color, it is possible for you to monitor your line and tell if it is being dragged.

It has an enhanced body technology that enhances its performance.

Additionally, the fly line has a spectra fiber construction. This makes it sturdy and resistant to abrasion, which enhances its durability.

It also features a high strength to diameter ratio, which makes it sturdy for any fishing experience. The EZ spool allows you to spool the reel directly after unboxing it. It also has a built-in line cutter that eases your operations.

The round and smooth braided line makes it ideal for various techniques such as jigging, casting, pitching, etc.


  • Enhanced body technology for enhanced performance
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • The yellow color makes it ideal for beginners


  • Some users complain of the line breaking within a few days after putting it in the reel.

Line Length: 327 yards Test Weight: 6 to 1500 lbs

KastKing Superpower line is available in a variety of colors, including moss green, ocean blue, yellow, and multi-color. Thus, you can choose your favorite whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced fisherman.

When you catch a big fish, the biggest worry is losing it before getting it into the boat. KastKing assures you of not losing your big fish as greater abrasion assistance, which enhances power. It also features ultra-sensitivity and zero stretch, which enhances the hook setting. This increases your probability of catching more fish.

When compared with other lines from other brands, KastKing has a smaller diameter. Thus, you can spool more fly lines on to your reel than other brands.

One of the most frustrating things with fly lines are the memory lines. They may decrease the chances of catch with the wind knots. With the KastKing Superpower line, it has low memory. 

As such, you have fewer chances of wind knots, and you enjoy farther casting.

It also features stronger knot strength so that you can have a more solid knot.


  • Low memory
  • Smaller diameter
  • It is available in many colors
  • Stronger knots


  • It has some kind of a dye that destroys everything and is difficult to clean

Line Length: 150-1000 yards
Test Weight: 10 to 300 lbs

Reaction Tackle is a versatile fishing rod that is ideal for fishing trout, muskie, and other species. You can use it in freshwater, saltwater, ice fishing, and so on.

It stands out among its competitors for being sturdy. It has a 100% UHMWPE, which is the strongest fiber. Its high-quality construction makes it durable. It is also super thin to spool more line on your reel than for any other brand.

You can get a Reaction Tackle fishing line at a fraction of the price that you will get other brands.

Reaction Tackle is available in a variety of colors, including yellow, oceanic blue, Hi-Vis green, no fade color, multi-color, etc.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Super thin and has a smaller diameter
  • Comes at a lower price as compared to other brands
  • Enhanced versatility


  • Some users say that it is hard to get a good knot
  • Others say that the line is not very sturdy and breaks easily

Line Length: 100-1500 yards
Test Weight: 
30/12 lb

Berkley is characterized by a trusted line construction that is abrasion-resistant and strong. Thus, you have no worries when you have a big catch. It has five pattern repeats with 10-foot sections. This makes it easy to estimate the depth.

With Berkley Fireline, you enjoy versatility as you can use it with various techniques, including drop-shooting, ice fishing, etc.

The fishing line also makes it easy for you to estimate the distance between the rod tip and bait. You can also measure the depth while fishing.

You can get Berkeley in smoke, flame green, and crystal colors.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Versatile
  • Pattern repeats make it easy to estimate the depth
  • Abrasion-resistant


  • Users say that it fades and wears fast

piscifun braided line
Line Length: 150-547 yards
Test Weight: 10 to 300 lbs

For the Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line, you can choose your color from a variety, including yellow, blue, and black.

The fishing line has a consistent roundness and smoothness, which guarantees faster cutting water. It also features a small diameter and low memory, making it easy to spool on the reel and makes it highly sensitive.

It is made with 4 high strength strands while the higher tensile is made with 8 powerful strands. This enhances durability, knot strength, and better casting.

The epoxy coating makes it hard for the lines to get damaged. It also features superior abrasion resistance, which also enhances durability.


  • Sturdy
  • The epoxy coating makes it durable
  • High-quality and durable
  • High-quality and durable


  • Users noticed some fraying
  • Loses color easily while handling it

The Mastery MPX is available in optic green and amber colors. As such, it would be the right choice for beginners.

It is a versatile line that is ideal for use with nymphs, streamers, and dry flies.

It is also an all-round line. You can use it for casting in small streams or the sea. Thus, it saves you from getting different lines for different situations.

The welded loops make it strong. Thus, it is cost-effective as it lasts for a long time.


  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile


  • Comes at a high cost as compared with other brands

How To Pick The Best Fly Line For Trout

Before you can settle on a particular fly line, consider its use. What is the intended purpose of the fly line?

Once you have an answer to that question, you are halfway through to get the best fly line. Is the fly line you are looking for an all-round one?

Are you looking for one that will cast small trout against the riverbank?

Secondly, consider the core of the fly line. The core is the skeleton of the fly line, and it gives it strength. It also determines how the fly line stretches. Fly lines for trout are multifilament, which makes them more flexible, and they stretch more.

best fly line for trout

Also, consider the coating of the line. The coating on the core is pertinent as it affects how stiff the line will be. It is also essential as it determines if the line can float or sinks. Most fly lines have polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating.

You can make the PVC more flexible and softer by adding plasticizers. If you wish, you can use lubricants to make it more slippery.

Should You Consider The Color Of The Fly That You Want To Purchase? 

Yes, you should.  

If you are a beginner in casting, a brightly colored line would be better for you. You can see the fly line while it is on the water or in the air. The bright color also enables you to locate your line, determine whether it is dragging, and detect strikes.

Fly lines with a clear coating may be the right choice when you want to avoid spooking fish.

Also, consider the profile of the fly line. Profile refers to how the line is tapered. Tapering at the end allows for fast and farther casting while gentler tapering is for more delicate casting. The first 30ft of the line determines the weight of the fly line.

A fly line that tapers thicker at the tip is best for distance casting. One with a small diameter at the tip would be a more delicate casting.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Fly Lines For Trout?    

How would fly fishing be like if you didn't have the right fly line? Unlike other fishing, fly fishing requires the angler to use the right fly line at the right place. The weight of the fly line enables you to cast the fly line.

So, what happens when you use the wrong type of fly line for fishing? First, you will have a lot of challenges casting. Also, you may end up chasing away the fish as you struggle to cast.

It is, therefore, beneficial to have the right fly line for the purpose. With that, you have an easy time casting whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a professional.

The main reason you went out is to fish. It will, therefore, make no sense if you end up driving the fish away. Thus, having the right fly line or trout makes it easy for you to accomplish your mission.

Attributes That Differentiate The Fly Lines For Trout

  • Fly line codes. When you want to purchase a fly line, the codes on the box can be confusing. For instance, you may get a fly line with the code WF-4-F. What in the world would the codes mean?

Simply, the codes mean the fly line has a Weight Forward Taper, 4 line weight, and it floats.

The first letters will refer to the taper, the second letters refer to the line weight, and the last letters show the density of the fly line.

  • Density. The density of the fly line refers to the fly line sinks, partially sinks, or floats.The floating fly line is the one that is widely used in trout fishing. When you want to fish for submerged nymphs, you just put weights on the leader.  
  • Color. You can also distinguish fly lines using color. For instance, colored fly lines are the best for novice fishers. Red, orange, and yellow are the most popular colors. The colors make it easy for you to see the line while fishing.

Neutral fly lines would be best when you want fish-spooking.

Brown and black are the most famous and efficient colors when you want to carry out submerged colors.

  • Taper. Taper refers to changes on the fly line that make casting better. For instance, you have the Weight-Forward Tamper.
  • Weight. The weight of the line is measured in grains, and the manufacturers give it numbers from 1 to 14. To determine the right fly line weight that you need, consider its intended purpose. Also, ensure that the line weight you choose matches the fly reel weight and the fly rod weight.

The Best Way To Use A Fly Line For Trout

Having the right fly line is one thing while making the correct task is another. 

Ever wondered why we have novice, intermediate, and professional level fishermen?

Fishing, whether floating or submerged, is an art that you need to master. If you don't have the skills, you might end up driving away the fish instead of catching them.

So, how do you make the correct cast?

While making the cast, the angler should be in a stable position to swing the cast appropriately.

If you are making a forward cast, the rod of the fly line should be straight at the beginning. You should then swing the rod forward with linear movements of your upper and lower arm and wrist.

fly line for trout

The swing should help to drive the rod tip and line straight in the forward cast.

The swing will set the fly line in motion and give it the necessary speed.

If you are a novice, more time will be spent casting as you learn and improve your techniques. 

An easier casting line will reduce fatigue, which means you will be less tired. When you are less tired, you can make more casting which improves your skills. Your goal should be to make your casting skills proficient as you also reduce the learning curve.

When you become efficient in casting, you will enjoy a more relaxed casting motion. As such, you will spend more time enjoying your fishing experience.

Also, for the best use of the fly line, choose the right taper.

For instance, the WF (weight forward) are the most popular, and they work in almost all situations. DT (double taper) or LB (long belly) is efficient for special situations. The long belly is a practical weapon when you make long casts when it is windy. It also works well in small streams where you make short casts.

When stealth is the main mission, DT tapers are the most preferred as they have the least mass at the end of the line.

Ensure that you get a new fly line at the start of every fishing season. Get the best quality you can without minding the cost. Cost should be the least of your worries comparing the benefits the high-quality tapers will give you. A new fly line improves your casting and gives you a new casting experience.

Also, clean the fly line frequently. Cleaning the line is a major way of maintaining it.

Additionally, stretch out and smoothen the line and the leader to remove the memory coils before you go fishing. Also, avoid casting in dirty places or hard places.

You can practice casting at home more frequently so that you will have an easy time when you go fishing.

Controversies Regarding Fly Line For Trout

When it comes to trout fishing, the controversy is, "does the type of the fly matter?"

Yes, it does.

There are various types of fly lines in the market today. The lines differ in make and specifications, which is a big consideration while fishing. The type of fly line you use depends on where you want to fish.

For instance, if you want to fish in small streams, an LB (long belly) taper would be the best. It helps you make short casts.  

As such, there shouldn't be controversy anymore. The type of fly line does matter.

Safety Tips When Using A Fly Line For Trout

While fishing is a fun activity, it can be disastrous if you don't take the necessary precautions.

If you are fishing in the sea or big rivers, you should take care not to drown. Have the right protective gear and equipment. This would save your life in case the boat capsizes when there is a strong current.

Secondly, you should consider using barbless hooks in place of the barbed ones. With that, you not only protect the fish from unnecessary pain, but you also reduce the chances of injuring yourself.

Lastly, flying rods are good conductors of electricity. If you are out fishing and it starts raining, and there is lightning, consider calling it a day. You can always come back later.

fly line for trout

Final Thoughts

KastKing Superpower stands out among the others for its versatility. It is available in various colors, which makes it ideal for beginners and experienced anglers.

It is also sturdy such that you cannot lose your catch, however big. Its smaller diameter makes it easy for you to spool it on the reel. Also, the 8-strand line is wrapped tight and has a smaller profile, which allows you to get a better casting. 

Its versatility also makes it popular as you don't have to purchase many lines. You can use it for trout fishing, surf fishing, etc. It also doesn't matter whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater.  

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